Clan MacCait

The Clan MacCait is a circle of friends interested in Scotland and its history, dedicated to the re-enactment of various epochs of Scottish history. The emphasis is on the representation of insurgent Jacobites from the year 1745. As accurately as possible, it depicts what a camp of hunting Scottish nobleman from the time of the Second Jacobite Rebellion, the “Fourtyfive”, may have looked like.

Der Clan MacCait

In the extensively equipped field kitchen, the Scottish national dish Haggis is cooking over the campfire, while at the same time the duel is being trained with broadsword, dagger and shield.

Kleine und große Schaukampfvorführungen gehören ebenso zum alltäglichen Programm, wie Erläuterungen zur Kleidung und Bewaffnung der dargestellten Epoche. Mancher Besucher bewundert staunend die gezeigten Handwerke und Handarbeiten.

Small and large combat performances are also part of the daily program, as well as explanations of clothing and armament of the epoch depicted. Many visitors marvel in astonishment at the handcrafts and handicrafts on show.

Especially the little visitors get big eyes as soon as they hold the martial Basket Hilted Broadsword in their hands and try to attack the battle-hardened Reenactor.

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